Chris & Becky

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Now this wedding was a really cool one! Chris and Becky decided to do things a bit differently, which I just loved! They wanted their big day to be uber relaxed and non traditional. They didn’t want their guests having to wait whilst we did loads of group shots and couple shots….so they met before the ceremony, had some lovely couple shots around gorgeous hall and grounds of Yeldersley Hall, which is another of my absolute favourite venues and literally just a few hundred yards up the road from my studio! We then did a few family shots before they said “I do”……leaving the rest of the day for a big party!

It was lovely to do something a bit different, I felt like one of the guests and was even given a big plate of sarnies and cake after I’d finished, perfect!

Yeldersley Hall

As I mentioned, this is one of my favourite wedding venues to shoot at. It’s so close by and I’ve shot there many times so I know it really well. You’ll even see some of my images for the hall and cottages on their website as Andrew the owner, is a good client of mine. As far as I’m concerned Yeldersley has everything you would need for your wedding. It’s small enough to feel homely and intimate, yet big enough to hold 80 guests and accommodation for 14 people. The different gardens are varied and stunning, there’s an orangery and lots of other gorgeous interesting nooks for photos.


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