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Welcome to our latest Love Our Locals feature! This was a tough one! A dream of an afternoon going to visit our good friend Hannah who is “star baker” of Bake….Ashbourne. Drinking coffee, chatting and photographing cake, then taking one of her stunning creations back to the office, where Caroline and two of my favourite clients helped in demolishing it!

Bake came about when Hannah, who very obviously has a natural talent for creating the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen, was regularly complimented on her cakes by friends and family. After being asked many times to bake cakes for all different occasions, she very wisely realised she could make a business out of it and took the plunge. Although still in it’s early days, the future looks bright for Hannah, she’s had loads of weddings already in her first year as well as lots of other occasions.

Hannah’s style is so incredibly unique and her artistry in decorating really is amazing, as well as tasting delish the results are quite stunning…and usually not even planned out, such is her natural talent. So, next time you have a special occasion coming up, give Hannah a call and let her beautiful cakes be the star of the show!

07929 169036

We have another very special Love Our Locals feature planned next so watch this space…..


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