Photographing the photographer…..

Posted on January 24, 2017 at 2:39 pm Comments Off

I’ve finally gotten around to blogging this shoot which I did a couple of months back. My good friend Jez, who is also a photographer, and his family thought it was time to update the family pictures, so off we went in our walking boots up to Black Rock in Matlock. After a short climb, having passed my heavy camera bag to Jez (the benefits of shooting friends) and a slight incident of poo on someone’s shoe (naming no names), I got some great shots of them in the woods, which isn’t too difficult, they’re all used to being photographed and of course the kids Jamie and Thea are a bit gorgeous as you can see! Afterwards I was treated to a lovely lunch at Le Mistral in Wirksworth……it is work, honest!


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